For my Concept Direction and Development module, I have created a concept which aims to blur the lines between the streetwear market and avant-garde market, resulting in a space that celebrates individuality and self expression. This will be an interactive publication consisting of three dimensions; gaming, fashion film and styling and social media. 

360 campaign shoot

As part of our Concept Direction and Development module, we were asked to develop a personal brand concept. This was a well researched project and included topics such as self reflection, as well as peer, and my own influences/muses. This module taught me a lot about myself, both good and bad and I now have a strong personal brand to carry around with me.

For our Fashion Futures module we were asked to consider how the future advancement of the fashion industry could affect our future as a communicator in the industry. I decided to research gaming, specifically whether the industry should embrace or exclude it. From this, I have decided to incorporate gaming into my personal branding and Final Major Project. 

Fashion Futures

For my Fashion Communication module, we were given a life brief, working for IKEA UK. The brief given was to create a concept that markets sustainability to their future consumer, Generation Z. We were asked to not only create the concept but also to produce a fashion film that would visually narrate this. We also had to take into consideration how this could be launched in real time. 

For my Fashion Forecasting module we were tasked with researching and predicting future trends for AW2020 in a chosen sector. This included a very thorough research process, ensuring that my prediction was fully backed up and suitable for not only the market, but the consumer too. I was given the Luxury Health and Beauty market. In this report, I go into detail 

behind how and why I came up with the trend package 'Glow Old'. 

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In my second year, I undertook a study on fur and its relationship with the fashion industry, focusing in on areas such as the ethical implications of real fur and the advancements of technology to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly faux fur. I decided to structure this as a debate and feel it made a very interesting, thought-provoking read.

This project was certainly my most influential in terms of personal growth. I was asked to create a brand collaboration that focused on two highly contrasting brands, Vetements and Levi's. Since discovering Vetements,  the brand has heavily influenced my work. I also feel this module pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me find my love for content creation.

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In this essay, I discussed how street art influences modern fashion and in this case, streetwear. I researched brands from different market levels, and discussed how these brands have been influenced by street art. I also highlighted how the sub-genre of street art first came to light through a rebellious need to voice opinions. In addition to this, I was asked to reflect on how this is reflected in the media, both past and present.