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As part of our Concept Direction and Development module, we were asked to create a 360 Campaign for our Final Major Project (see full document below). For my FMP, I decided to focus my research and development on the streetwear market as this has always been a strong influence of mine. Although this has now changed it is still a strong piece of work in my portfolio and shows development. 


I firstly began to conduct some forecasting, mainly problem solving what the streetwear market could improve. The main issue? Uniformity; why does the streetwear market thrive off uniform? Where has the individuality gone?

This issue moved me onto writing my brand concept:

'Streetwear and avant-garde; two words very

rarely associated with one another. Streetwear,

a market fuelled by cults and uniformity. Avant-garde,

a market fuelled by individuality and breaking

boundaries. Imagine a world where the two are

combined, mixing bold colours and shapes with

heavily branded garments and experimenting with

layering and colour clashing. The vision? To blur

the lines between the reality of the streetwear

market and the fantasy that is avant-garde.

Bringing more individuality, to a space currently

so diluted in a look that is dominated more by

its price tag than it’s originality. 


KLDSCPE, short for Kaleidoscope, is an

interactive publication that aims to blur lines.

A constantly changing market will be reborn,

with a new and refreshed form of communication.

An entirely androgynous result, which will be

imperative for KLDSCPE in today’s society,

essentially creating a safer environment, that is

wholly inclusive and accepted by everyone.'

kldscpe logo.png