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For this part of the module, we were asked to develop a personal brand concept. This needed to be well researched and included areas such as self reflection, influences and muses. I have developed my own personal brand and this will show you how I came about my final outcome. 


The overall concept for my Brand Me project is the realisation that I am in fact, a Princess. However, I am certainly not the typical Disney or Royal Princess that you may initially think. The realisation of this for me came from my extremely blanketed childhood, which shaped who I am today. I was very fortunate to have the most incredible upbringing and I can admit, I was very privileged. Which has resulted in my Princess style attitude that I have adopted.  


In addition to the above, my personal brand is also influenced by retro streetwear, nostalgia and eastern Asian cultures. It is predominantly digital, which reflects my work style and the area in which I would like to work. 

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