This module built on my branding and concept creation skills. We were given and asked to research and explore into a contemporary fashion brand. I was given the brand Vetements. Which until then I had never heard of and I am beyond thankful this brand was given to me as I truly think it is what has shaped my initial interest, and now future career path. I strategised and created a unique personality for the brand, generated appeal and developed a 'desirability factor' for potential consumers.


This module introduced me to a wealth of research techniques, including the 20x20 method, which has gone on to be used in almost all of my research since completion. In addition to this, I developed my photoshop skills, creating montages and crocus and also my Illustrator skills, to design flats. 

Vetements is a highly commendable, politically active, luxury streetwear brand which I will forever be thankful for being introduced to.



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